Our Guruji


                              Guruji Hatha Yogi Gyandas Maharaj

Shri krishayog is the origin institution of the Salvation group. It was founded by Shri Gyandas Maharaja in October, 2000 at Sangvi area of Pune. Since then, this institution has made its own identification and reputation in the preaching and teaching of yoga.Now Shri Krishna Yoga is Maharashtra's No.1 Yoga Institute.Here we pursue the yogic life.

Yoga is the thousand years old treasure that India offers to the world. It is the appropriate way of life. Shri krishna Yog (SKY) imparts you the theoretical and practical knowledge of the different branches of Yoga, such as Rajyog, Bhaktlyog, Gyanyog, and Hathyog.These transcendental knowledge and experiences of Yoga are always available to you at shri krishnayog, Pune, India. However, Rajyog and hathyog are our limelight. We conduct various certificate and Diploma courses on the Yoga.