Our Mission

As the whole, life has no aim. We are here, in this Existence, merely to live it unconditionally and answer the question, which it simply put before us, our compatible solution will beatify it, and glorify it. Our write answer are the beauty our being as well as the achievement of our life.

But in the practical world we pursue sum attempts and creations. We need to construct and unify our entire our possibilities and inner Energy to give an obvious form of our creation. Those are not spiritual, but the psychological and practical condition to follow the path of success.

Salivation tries to provide a global platform to the friends on their spiritual journey. During our spiritual journey, all of us face unique kinds of experiences as well as the problems. Salivation fulfills your types of desires.

Now you can share your experiences, needs and problems more globally. Here now one is your ‘ master' or ‘disciple'.

It is because we believe in the inter respect and individual dignity of the human beings. Obviously here will we some person full of suggestion and solution for you whenever you need there helps. In the same way you may be also the solution for some one. But it is utterly different from the age-old concept of the ‘master- disciple'. It is merely the gathering of friends except their casts, colors, sex, religion and nationalities.

We wish to invoke a spiritual consciousness among the common. It is not the ‘branded form of the spiritualism. We have no engagement with any organized religion. We have no lust of hostility of any one of them. We welcome all the person of different religion and nationalities. You are a human being; it is enough for us your rest attributes are meaningless. In reality, Salivation is the platform where all the religion and nationalities will meet happily and compose a new chapter of the human kind.shrikrishnayog sachin dhotre hathayogi dnynadas maharaj yoga teacher course yoga class 9545353535