the way to liberation…

Salvation is the group of friends on the spiritual journey. It is, however, not nearly limited within the hypothetical spiritualism. But we openly and darely invoke our vision upon the political, social and cultural scenario of the current globe. for us, spiritualism does not mean as a sweet hypothesis, but it is daring, an unconditional search of the existence as well as our being. At first, it was the dream of some young friends. but now, it has been turned as reality. now, the Salvation is the way to liberation. the persons from various streams of the society, beyond all their barriers of age, sex, class, religion and nationality, are joining our group to build a better world and find their meaning of their life. Friend, we also invite you with our open arms. Oh, Come and embrace us! you are not alone on your journey. we are always with you as the gathering of heartily friends. The God has called you…!

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