It was very nice experience to do YTTC with SKY sanstha. I was doing yoga since 1 year but after joining this course I found very much change in my practice of asanas as well as in my personality. Dhananjay sir explained pranayama, mudra, asanas and batch pattern in detail. Before joining this course I had so many doubts about practice of yoga but sir has cleared all the doubts.
I m very thankful to SKY yoga , Dhananjay sir and Sachin sir for giving lot of knowledge and for their co operation.
I m feeling proud to be the part of this sanstha

Pragati Dhamdare

Savita Fand: It is very great experience  with the sky & yogalife studio, practice & theory sessions are well conducted, very informative, my knowledge and flexibility is very much increased, most important i have got many new friends, thanks to SKY institute & Yogalife studio

Savita Fand

Good after noon, I am Tushar Salve, Age 28. I have been doing yoga by reading a book since 2 to 3 yrs, but that touch was not there. And now from 1 month, I have been doing yoga teacher course from Shrikrishna Yog Sanstha and I have very different feeling and touch. Earlier when I was doing yoga I was not able concentrate.

But now after a perfect guidance of my teacher, I have realized thing like where to concentrate and how to concentrate, in which posture asans should be done. Now from 2 to 3 days I am realizing that, "yoga is really different which I cant express in wards". Honestly it is a very nice experience and I have reduced 2.5 kgs in just one month. The teacher is so nice and his technique of teaching is very very good and too powerful. ALL THANKS TO SHRIKRISHNA YOG SANSTHA & TEAM

Tushar S Salve

hi, i did yoga teacher course & reki certificate course  from shrikrishnayog institute,18 november 2007. After that i get job of in landon as yoga instructor for 2 years, i am very satisfied about this.

rahul bhagat

i did the course april 2012 from shrikrishnayog institute, batch excellent yoga teacher course, CD and book and threapy knowledge is very good

Sohrab saifzadeh

i did the course april 2004 from shrikrishnayog institute & excellent yoga teacher course, CD and book and threapy knowledge is very good

Parisa bahramian

hi,i am from thiland, i did the yoga trainer course.i fell excellent about course and i am very satisfied about it, i teach in thiland & earn a lots

pitakchi junkanankit

shrikrishnayog institute is excellent for yoga teacher course, i am from thiland,now i teach yoga very well,Master has extra ordinary skill in yoga

nudtaporn lertjirakul

hi, i am very satisfied with my yoga instructor course in shrikrishnayog institute, the certificate they give with photo and hologram, it very useful for me job in California


Shrikrishna Yog Institute has helped me make life to be positive, my obesity is decrease and l loss my weight up 18 kg, thanks to Guruji Dnyandas Maharaj and also they help me to progress in spiritual path and teach me kundalini path was most vital. he taught me unique techniques to be calm routine life .

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