Body Meditation

  • Sit in Sidhhansan. Hands on knees, eyes closed.
  • Do any of above cleansing process, best is perform simple kapal bhati (both nostril open) for 10-15 counts and attain Kumbhak. Just ensure that you don't put unnecessary pressure on your kidney, or force breath inside.
  • When breath inside, imagin your own body, as at present would appear sitting in siddhasana pose in front of your eyes. Try keeping this image steady.
  • Breath in slowly and start simple Vivekananda pranayam
  • Try seeing more details, how you are sitting, your hands are on knees, your eyes are closed etc. You have to just focus on this – your own figure and body.
  • Do not move, be still.
  • Slowly, you shall forget your breathing too, and just know your body. You may find it difficult attaining this initially, and your mind may wander. Do not force, again try focusing on your body. More you practice this, more you will be able to hold your body image in your mind and just know it, and nothing else around you.
  • If you find difficulty keeping body image steady in mind, again try doing Kumbhak (holding breath) and try keeping it steady.

When your image is steady and own body is steady and you are able to focus properly, you shall have some different experiences. These experiences may be unique to everyone.