Breath Meditation

  • Breath MeditationSit in Sidhhansan. Hands on knees, eyes closed.
  • Perform simple Vivekananda pranayama, or Anulom Vilom. for 10-15 counts and attain Kumbhak. Keep breathing again and get into Kumbhak again – repeat.
  • While breathing slowly bring your attention to your breathing.
  • Do not move, be still, focus just on breathing nothing else.
  • Slowly, you shall find breathing is getting bit lesser. The stillness of body and your attention on breathing is so much that body does not need much oxygen.

Initially breathing air is sensed 10-15 finger length, which reduces to as less as 2-3 finger length. You may find your breath stopping, as all nerves calm down. Don not be afraid and remain in same state.