Anulom Vilom

Please see simple pranayam. This is very much similar to it, except following variation.

  1. Make Pranav Mudra of your right hand. Pranav Mudra is attained as follows
  • Open your palm.
  • Fold down index and middle finger, keeping thumb, small finger and finger of Apollo straight. This gets you Pranav Mudra.
  1. Close your right nostril with straight thumb, and inhale with left nostril.
  2. Release right nostril, while closing left nostril with Apolo finger and exhale from right nostril.

    • Inhale from same right nostril (from where you exhaled), and close it with thumb again and release left nostril while exhaling from left nostril. This completes one Avartan.
    • Repeat these avartans. Process of breathing is similar to simple pranayama, just we inhale from one nostril and exhale from another nostril.
    • Imagine as in simple pranayama. Concentrate on the process on air coming in and going out. Imagine the air is coming in your left or right side hollow tubes around spine (knows as Nadis, which are two, Ida on right side and Pingala on left side)

Imagine that as you inhale, you are impacting with air on your sleeping Kundalini, and while you exhale out, you are pulling it up along with air or some energy you are pulling in. The Kundalini flows through the tube (nadi – called Sushmuna) in between left and right side tubes (nadis).