Aum comprises three alphabets A, U and M. Aum can be said in three different ways, stretching or varying the length of the pronunciation of different alphabet in each way being the key differentiator. Like we can say,

  1. Aaaaaaaum or
  2. Auuuuuuum or
  3. Aummmmm

We advocate here the last method mentioned i.e. Aummmmm.

  1. Inhale deep (is called Poorak)
  2. Say Aummmm in Vaikhari (clear sufficiently to hear) while exhaling (exhale is called Rechak).
  3. During this, A and U can be stretched too, however M should be much longer lasting till the end of exhalation. ( though you can exhale after ending M too, for few seconds)
  4. Listen your M' kar (humming sound of M) with your own ears. Feel M' kar filling your whole body, ringing through ears. This is scientifically proven that the humming sound creates waves between your ears which are very beneficial to brain.
  5. After sufficient practice and when you are at ease with it, it is preferred to focus the concentration on Sahastrar Chakra – the last and prime energy center said to be located at the end of your spine, at the top of head. It is imagined to be a lotus flower made up of thousand petals.
  6. Aumkar practice be best done alone at a quiet, calm place. 

This helps calm your mind, increase concentration.

Before we get ahead further, we shall clear some concepts.