Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti yoga tends to appeal to the people who are full of emotions. Since the emotions should not be suppressed, this approach gives the high and pure dimensions to their emotions. Surrender of the sadhak 'entire being' to the supreme power of the existence is the Bhakti Yoga. Through various practices such as chanting, prayer, and the repetitions of the mantras (sacred formula) the emotional energy is channeled into the devotion.

Emotional love is changed into pure divine love. The devotee sees the God in all the worldly affairs. This approach was invoked by Lord Shri Krishna. The devotional path is the kernel of Shri mad Bhagavata Geeta. When the sadhak surrender his entire being to the God and has become a utter null, he achieve the ultimate truth of the existence.

shrikrishnayog sanstha